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Uncoated Business Cards

These eco-friendly business cards are produced on recycled stock, which shows potential customers and clients that you care about the environment. They can also be written on, which is ideal if you need to provide any extra detail such as a time or date when organising a meeting.


Qty55 x 85 mm (Standard) 55 x 55 mm (Square)
50£12 £17
100£13 £19
250£16 £23
500£21 £27
1000£25 Call Us

These environmentally friendly business cards are made from recycled paper, which gives a good impression of your company to any potential customers and clients.

Uncoated cards can also be written on, which is useful if you need to add any extra details as you hand them out to various different people such as a mobile number or appointment time.

The paper is 340gsm and you can choose between single and double sided as well as standard or square.  

Don’t have a design in mind? Then we can do it for you, just tell us if there is anything you would like to be included.

Finished Size: 55x85mm
Material: 340gsm Uncoated
Printed: CMYK (Full Colour)
VAT: Prices are excluding VAT
Delivery: Included in the price

Uncoated Business Cards Templates

Send your uncoated business card artwork to us as a PDF, PS, Illustrator or InDesign file. Choose your preferred option and then design the business card that works for you.

85 x 55 mm (Standard)

Please choose one of the following templates to download and use for your artwork.


55 x 55 mm (Square)

Please choose one of the following templates to download and use for your artwork.


1) What are uncoated business cards?
Uncoated business cards do not have a coating on the paper.  

2) What's the difference between coated and uncoated?
Coated cards have a glossy or matt finish. They are generally smooth and shiny while uncoated business cards don’t have a coating which means they aren’t as smooth.  

3) Can I write on uncoated business cards?
Yes, they will absorb ink so you can write on them.  

4) How are uncoated business cards environmentally friendly?
They are made from recycled stock.