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Business Envelopes

Business envelopes are personalised to keep branding consistent across all your stationery. They look professional and will ensure your letter is seen as soon as it lands on the desk or doorstep of a customer or client. These can be customised to suit your needs and requirements, with C5, C4 and DL available to purchase.


QtyC5 Envelope (162 x 229 mm) Pocket C4 Envelope (229 x 324 mm) Pocket DL Envelope (110 x 220mm) Wallet
500£75 £102 £75
1000£97 £125 £90
2000£135 £189 £110
5000£285 £375 £187

Branded business envelopes are the best way to make sure your letter stands out among the rest of the post and that, as a result, your message gets noticed.

Once you have branded your envelope with your company name and logo, there are several others way that you can customise it.

Firstly, choose between plain or window envelopes depending whether you want to write the address on yourself or you would like it to show through from the letter.

You also have the option of 90gsm white and 70gsm manila as well as a choice of three sizes: C5 pocket envelope, C4 pocket envelope and DL wallet envelope.  

Simply upload your design or let us do it for you.

Finished Size: See drop down
Material: 90gsm white or 70gsm manilla
Options: Plain or Window
Printed: 1 spot colour to face only
VAT: Prices are excluding VAT
Delivery: Included in the price

Envelopes Templates

Send your envelope artwork to us as either a PDF, PS, Illustrator or InDesign file. Choose the one you want to work with and design your template from there.

DL Envelope Templates 


C5 Envelope Templates


C4 Envelope Templates 


1) What's the difference between all the sizes?
A C5 envelope is 162 x 229 mm, a C4 envelope is 229 x 324mm and a DL envelope is 110 x 220mm.

2) How do I know the best envelope for my paper size?
C5 is the most common envelope size, it will fit A4 paper folded in half. C4 is designed for A4 sized paper and is perfect for documents and brochures. DL will fit an A4 piece of paper folded in to three parts.

3) Which are the best envelopes to use for invitations?
A7 tends to be the most popular invitation envelope size.

4) What is the difference between a pocket, wallet and a banker?
Pocket envelopes: the opening flap is positioned on the short edge.
Wallet envelopes: have a trapezium shaped flap and are either straight or slightly curved.
Banker envelopes: these have a triangular flap and are often referred to as invitation envelopes